Blanca Linda Avalos is a professional SAG/AFTRA Actor working in film and television. Blanca has 3 films currently (2017) circulating the Film Festivals-

"OIL AND VINEGAR" the "OFFICIAL SELECTION at the NYC CHAIN FILM FESTIVAL 2016" where she booked a Supporting role alongside Ken Tigar & Mark Rosenthal & "SHADOW OF THE MONARCH" where she booked the Lead role (MORNING CLOAK) in this trilogy. "SHADOW OF THE MONARCH" which is in post-production AND will soon be out for distribution is a feature film about mind control and butterflies, it has a Bourne Identity feel with a little Quentin Tarantino and some Silence of the Lambs suspense that is based on true facts! "THE BENWAYS OF BALTIMORE" (48 hr. Film Festival) where she booked a Lead role in this controversial film which was written by Janet Barber (writer for Rosie O'Donnell).

Notable roles have been a Co-Star role on "HOUSE of CARDS" where she was directed by DAVID FINCHER as well as a Supporting role on "Family." "FAMILY" made it's world debut at the 2009 Pan African Film & Arts Festival. "I CAN'T SAY HOW MANY LIVES WE TOUCHED WITH THIS FILM!" "I REMEMBER A YOUNG GIRL CRYING TO ME AT THE PREMIER IN SOUTH AFRICA AS SHE STRUGGLED WITH HER SEXUALITY." "SHE HAS CONTINUED TO WRITE ME TO THIS DAY!" Written and directed by Faith Trimel, "FAMILY" is a coming-of-age dramedy centering on the lives of a group of lesbian friends who all experience continual strife in their personal and professional lives as a result of being closeted (silent about ones homosexuality). This electrifying film boasts some of Hollywood's hottest up-and-coming actors. The richness of the story lines and the depth of the performances will blow you away!

Blanca recently studied with BILL ESPER & SUZANNE ESPER in NY at


VOICE & SPEECH and IMPROV. Blanca completed a 2 year conservatory with Ted Bardy (MEISNER TECHNIQUE) at TED BARDY STUDIOS in NY. Blanca has also been studying with renown MARGIE HABER, CATLIN ADAMS, STAN KIRSCH and THE BRAMON GARCIA BRAUN STUDIO in LA. 

"I am extremely PASSIONATE about helping animals and will support them in any way I can!" "I am truly blessed with a supporting family, supporting friends & supporting co-workers!!" "Thank you all for believing in me!!" "This is for my Kenny & Max." Blanca Avalos